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Micro-USB is a version of the USB (Universal Serial Bus) used to transfer data and power for cell phones and PDA. Universal serial bus connectors were designed to allow quick connections between computers and peripherals such as printers, mouse and keyboards. USB technology helps to reduce connection errors. Standard USB connectors have four pins-one for power, two for data and one for ground. The USB port is a standard port that is used for printers, scanners and other peripherals that connect to a computer. With the emergence of cell phones a new USB port has developed known as Micro USB port. The Micro USB port contains one more pin than the standard USB port.

Micro-USB has the smallest connectors of the size 1.5 mm by 7 mm. They are more durable than previous USB connectors, allowing for longer performance. The micro USB cable is capable of transferring 480 megabits per second (Mb/s).

The micro USB cables are of 3 types:-

1) Micro-USB A- it is available on new cell phones, PDAs, GPS and digital cameras. The cable has a white receptacle and a 5 pin design. It is rectangular in shape.

2) Micro-USB B- it is also available on newer mobile devices. It has a black receptacle and has a 5 pin design. It has a hexagonal shape.

3) Micro-USB AB- the receptacle of micro USB AB cables is gray coloured and has a 5 pin design. It accepts either micro- USB A or micro- USB B.

The A types cables are used on devices that provide power and B type cables are used on peripherals that need power.

The Micro USB to USB Charging Data Cable provides the ability to connect your phone to your computer allowing you to charge your phone through the USB port on your computer. The Samsung micro USB cable provides high-speed USB 2.0 data transfer rates, while simultaneously charging your phone through computer's USB port. This cable is compatible with all Samsung handsets. Samsung's quick charging technology allows you to use your mobile phone while it is charging.

The Samsung micro USB cable connects your phone with your computer, allowing you to manage the contents of your phone, backup your phonebook and contacts, and transfer pictures, music, games and applications when used with appropriate software.

A Micro USB Cable has an asymmetric and diverse design. This design helps to reduce the mechanical wear of connection and disconnection. It can withstand at least 10,000 connect- disconnect cycles. The cable consists of a host, a large number of ports and large number of devices which are connected to each other in a star topology. A standard Micro USB Cable has maximum length of 5 meters. This length is limited to 5 meters because of the limitation of entire one round trip delay which is of around 1500 nanoseconds.

From all forms of USB connectors micro USB connectors are the primary choice for new mobile electronics. These ports have replaced standard non-USB and now allow customers to not only charge their phones but also to send and receive data from the same port.

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Buy Samsung micro USB cable and transfer data without any hassle. This communication protocol can easily supply the power between the system and the electronic devices

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Buy Samsung Micro Usb Cable For Your Phones

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Buy Samsung Micro Usb Cable For Your Phones

This article was published on 2013/06/27