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USB memory is a removable and rewritable memory device that is much smaller than a floppy disk. It is a data storage device with a USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface. Thus, allowing a USB memory to be simply plugged into any computer or laptop to store data. They are light weight and weigh up to an ounce on an average. It is available with differing storage capacities from 64MB to 128 GB (memory capacity three times more than a floppy disk). Innovation and improvements on this device are making way for larger data holding capabilities.

Trek Technology and IBM introduced the first commercial USB memory in 2000. They encompass many old technologies with additional benefits like smaller size, low cost and lower power consumption. It functions as a hard drive when connected to the USB port. It has some apparent advantages over other storage devices with particular reference to floppy disk. They have replaced floppy disks on a large scale since they are really simple to use, small in structure that can be carried in pockets, higher storage capacity, light weight, works faster than the floppy disk, durable design and high reliability.

It has this unique feature that allows 1 million erase cycles and can last as long as 10 years. These factors eventually led to floppy drive to almost obsolescence. Nowadays computers are available without any floppy drive and more USB ports.

It consists of a small printed circuit board implanted in a plastic, steel or rubber outer cases, hence making them prone to lesser damage. They have a USB connector one end of the USB memory which can be easily plugged into any USB port. Since the USB connector can damage things in your bag they are usually protected with a cap that can be removed or retraceable into the USB memory body.

USB memory has been widely accepted by people around the world due to its simple application. Manufactures have started incorporating these devices which are normally carried like watches, key rings, pens and other useful items. This could be done only due to its stout and small body.

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USB Memory

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This article was published on 2010/03/31