Using USB Powered Toys to Keep Warm in Cold Winter

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When winter is coming, people would feel cold very much, especially for hands and feet. When you are surfing online to play games or chat with friends, your hands become hard-shelled and gradually lose control due to cold weather. Some people want to wear gloves, however, it is inconvenient to operate computer with gloves on hands. Is there no better choice? Of course not, special warm toys are introduced in following article.

USB warm keeping gloves
This pair of USB warm keeping gloves produces heat through USB powered. At the same time, the fingers can be exposed to operate keyboarding. Two types of temperature, 18 ° C and 36 ° C, can be switched to meet your different requirements. Every five minutes, the temperature would increase about ten degrees. In addition to use on computer, it can also be used on PS3 or Xbox360. You can choose such male gloves or female gloves with different sizes and colors according to your actual condition. By the way, the shortcoming of such USB warm keeping gloves I should point out is that a pair of such gloves needs two USB ports, which is too bad.

Except USB warm keeping gloves, USB powered warm keeping mouse pads may be another choice. When plugging in USB, put your hands and mouse into it that you can feel warm and operate mouse easily. Lovely appearances such as sharks and strawberry are available for just 15 U.S. dollar. In my standpoint, it is not as good as the USB warm keeping gloves because only one hand can feel the warm.

The two warm keeping products showed below have been taken into the hands warm and the convenience of operating computer. However, what can you do if your feet feel cold? One pair of fluffy slippers with USB powered technique is launched by a Japanese company, which is so warm. However, built-in rechargeable batteries are available in such fluffy slipper. Therefore do not worry about two long electric wires from computer. It always takes about 16 hours to get full electric quantity and can be continuously used for 2 hours.

Have you consider heating the meal that brought from home to office with USB power if there is no microwave oven in your company? Nowadays, it is not the dream. USB power handy warm bags can help you. The temperature in such handy warm bags can keep about 60 ° C. When eating lunch in office, you can feel the loving heart and care from mother or wife.

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Using USB Powered Toys to Keep Warm in Cold Winter

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Using USB Powered Toys to Keep Warm in Cold Winter

This article was published on 2011/11/23